Piece of the Heart: EXCALIBUR

Piece of the Heart: EXCALIBUR, directed by choreographer and dancer Mariana Tengner Barros, designs disciplinary crossings in collaboration with graphic artist Mark Angelo and the A Bela Associação team. This project arises from the desire to value nature, with a special focus on trees and the importance they have in the balance of ecosystems. The creation process originated in the mapping of the oldest trees in the Greater Lisbon area. Four areas were chosen around the identified trees: Alcântara, Lumiar, Loures and Benfica. Much of the research was carried out under symbolic actions resulting from dialogue with the local community, free workshops, short performances and video recordings.

This phase of the project was called Invisible Forest, an autonomous, temporary and mobile performance space. The material collected and worked on in this phase make up the dramaturgy of Piece of the Heart: EXCALIBUR. Its creation also includes strategies that allowed the production of content accessible to blind and deaf people. It is very important for the team of this project that it can contribute to the eradication of prejudice and exclusion in relation to people with disabilities. Piece of the Heart: EXCALIBUR is a hybrid object, composed of several fragments of this experimentation, that invites the public to open their senses, in search of giving visibility to the invisible, sound to silence and shape to the unknown, in an immersive and interactive journey.

The project also includes the creation of a website to document, share and make available videos in streaming, in order to map the connections between trees, communities and territories, as well as testimonials and photographic records, or on video, of the work established with the various communities. This set of data collected will be presented in the context of national deforestation.



Programa de Mentoring Acesso Cultura, Ana Sousa Atelier, Terra Amarela


CIM- companhia de dança, Câmara Municipal de Loures- Unidade de Inclusão e Cidadania e ADPAC- Ass. de Defesa do Património Ambiental e Cultural de Santa Iria da Azóia

Project Financed by the GDA Foundation

Past Performances:

  • 29.09.20 at São Luiz Theater ⟡ Room Mário Viegas

Next Performances:

Artistic Director: Mariana Tengner Barros

Co-criation and Interpretation: Ana Rocha, Bárbara Pollastri, Bernardo Bertrand, Diana Bastos
Niepce, Jonny Kadaver, Mariana Tengner Barros, Mark Angelo, Mee K, Sebastião Pinto,
Tiago Rosário e Vera Marques

Musical Director: Jonny Kadaver

Graphics Director, Screen Printing and Figurines Mark Angelo

Technical Director: Daniel Oliveira

Dramaturgical Support: Nuno Miguel

Video Editing: Vera Marques

Cameras: Vera Marques, Mark Angelo, Jesus Crido e Diogo Simões

Co-Production: Galeria Zé dos Bois

Production: A Bela Associação

Thanks to: Gruta, Rádio Ophelia, Paula Moraes, Marco Paiva, Renaud Ruhlmann, Inês Cóias
Marta Ziul, Diogo Chotas André Curto, Gustavo Morgado, André Pais, Cristina Mendes, João
Rodrigues e participantes das acções de Teatro de Guerrilha

Photography of Piece of the Heart
São Luiz Theatre ⟡ Room Mário Viegas

General Rehearsal photos from Vera Marmelo

Piece photos from Vera Marmelo

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Piece photos from Vera Marmelo

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