Piece of The Heart: Excalibur

The Invisible Forest will be in the Performing Arts Festival “Plataforma” at Santiago de Compostela. More informations in the link below.


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The Invisible Forest

The Invisible Forest is a multi disciplinary project produced by A Bela Associação and directed by choreographer and dancer Mariana Tengner Barros in collaboration with graphic artist Mark Angelo and the A Bela team of artists. The project arises from the desire to value nature, with a special focus on trees and the importance they have in the balance of ecosystems. 

The creation process begins with the mapping of the oldest trees that still exist in cities, that are then honoured through symbolic actions resulting from dialogue with the local community, free workshops, short performances and video recordings, creating an autonomous, temporary and mobile performance space.

The Invisible Forest opens a space of consciousness that touches the future and the past…