The Guerrilla Action of The Invisible Forest is created according to the specific context of each tree. We use some aesthetic elements in all of the actions, such as the banners and the ninja characters in contrast with different characters and figures that we create for each zone. One of the tools we use is a device called Plants Play that we connect to the leaves or trunk of the trees, becoming an interface for the tree’s electro-magnetic impulses to be translated into sound and music, dialoguing with our musicians, singers and performers, becoming part of the sound tracks of the performances. We are very adaptable to the covid-19 restriction rules, being able to interact more or less with the public, according to the rules at the time.

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Almada, 2021

The Invisible Forest project in Almada has the support of the Municipality of Almada and was developed between January and April 2021, through actions of Poetic Guerrilla Performance around trees chosen in the municipality of Almada, as well as through conversations and debates, film viewings and documentaries around environmental protection focused on raising awareness on the importance of preserving old trees. Due to the rules of the DGS at the time of the new confinement, the activities had to be adapted to the online format, giving birth to the first of a line of Chronicles of a Bunch of Ninjas: THE LOST STORY OF THE MISSING TREE OF THE CASTLE

Guerrilla Action @ Aveiro 2021

The Ninjas were in Aveiro bringing awareness of protection to the 3 centenary trees in the parishes of Beduído and Veiros, Glória and Vera Cruz and Belazaima do Chão.

520-year-old cork oak found in Largo de S. Geraldo in the parish of Beduído e Veiros

120-year-old aura-de-norfolk found in Jardim Infante D. Pedro in the parish of Glória and Vera Cruz

315-year-old cork oak found in the Giant Cork Oak Park in Belazaima do Chão

Guerrilla Action @ Castelo Branco 2021

The Ninjas were in Castelo Branco to bring awareness of protection to the district’s 3 millenary and centennial trees in the parishes of Póvoa da Atalaia, Montes da Senhora and Cernache do Bonjardim.

300-year-old mulberry tree located in Largo da Amoreira in Póvoa da Atalaia

🌳 200-year-old cork oak located in Cernache do Bonjardim.

🌳Olive tree with more than 1000 years located in Largo da Igreja in Montes da Senhora

Elmos da Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilases

Lumiar, Lisboa, 2020

Sing to the well to wake up Persephone

Park of the Shells and Lilacs
Lumiar, Lisbon, September 2020

Improvised Guerrilla Action Ritual: “Sing to the well to wake up Persephone”. Well in front of the Elm trees and next to an Acacia tree that also played through the Plants Play device.
September 2020

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Guerrilla Action #4 @Lumiar

The Ninjas were at the Park of the Shells and Lilacs in Lumiar, Lisbon in September 2020 bringing consciousness for the protection of the centenary Elm trees and all nature through these actions of poetic guerrilla.

🌳 Elm Trees with more then 100 years in Park of the Shells and Lilacs.